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A quarter century of saying it, beautifully, with flowers. Samuel Franklin is a family-owned floral shop with a reputation for imaginative floral arrangements, detailed event planning and expressive interior design. All these services are offered in a way that fits with your schedule, your budget and your particular needs.

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a culture of service: if you can imagine it, we can do it

Samuel Franklin owner Sam George started in business as a delivery person, opening his first floral shop in 1982. “One of the main things I learned,” he says, “is to listen. And we do that well.” So, whether it’s planning a wedding reception (generally about 150 each year) or refurbishing a century-old home, Sam and his staff respond with enthusiasm.

“We’ve had to teach ourselves how to do things.” And those things have included designing giant sets for theme balls, ordering bride-requested flowers from Italy or “engulfing” a chandelier in flowers and prisms. Whatever the assignment, “We listen, we imagine it, we make it cost effective,” says Sam George.

in our community, we're recycling beauty

“I feel like being in business in a community like ours requires a certain level of giving back,” says George. As a very active participant in Random Acts of Flowers, Samuel Franklin recycles wedding and event flowers after their primary use into hospitals and extended care homes. “Patients light up,” he says. Other giving-back work includes helping a local children’s hospital in its tree festival and taking active roles in Dogwood Arts Festival and in Friends of the Smokies community events.

a staff that fills in:
for each other

The staff of Samuel Franklin is “more like family,” according to owner Sam George. “We take advantage of each person’s strengths and we take up for each other. Everyone pitches in, we learn together and we stay together.”

In addition to Sam George, the staff at Samuel Franklin includes:

Nancy, a designer with Samuel Franklin for twenty years, who creates fresh arrangements for weddings, parties and homes and who “loves the golds, reds, oranges and purples of fall.”

Sherri, with twelve years at Samuel Franklin, another long-time professional who loves interior design work and espcially transforming client homes and businesses into “wonderlands” for the Christmas season.

Shannon, full-time bookkeeper for Samuel Franklin who’s been with the firm twenty years, and who’s extremely involved in both the business and in a community outreach program for disabled adults.

Ray, a delivery person who rushes fresh flowers to the right place on time and often takes part in installation work.

Plus many, many others who collaborate on a constant basis with Samuel Franklin as off-staff partners in large set design, carpentry, building and renovation services.

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